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Year 1/2

Our Learning during Spring Term in Year 1/2



In our English lessons we have studied two different texts this term – Beegu by Alexis Deacon and Traction Man by Mini Grey.

During our English lesson have learnt about using different forms of punctuation such as capital letters, full stops, commas in lists, exclamation marks and question marks. This term, we have focussed on adding extra detail to our spoken and written sentences using adjectives and expanded noun phrases. We have practised applying the skills we have learnt in various pieces of writing, which have included postcards, diary entries, setting and character descriptions and story re-telling. As well as both short and long writing opportunities, we have had lots of fun taking part in role play and hot-seating activities. Throughout our English lessons, one to one and guided reading sessions, we have had many opportunities to apply the skills we have been learning in phonics and spelling lessons.



In maths lessons we have been focussing on quick recall of number bonds to ten, twenty and one hundred as well as counting in twos, threes, fives and tens. We have worked hard consolidating our addition and subtraction skills and some children have also started to use the column addition and subtraction methods to complete more difficult equations. Using the skills we have learnt, we have taken part in numerous problem solving and mastery activities to consolidate our knowledge and understanding. We have begun to work on grouping and sharing, leading to developing our knowledge of multiplication and division.



We have been learning all about the properties and uses of different materials in science. We have been on a material hunt around school to identify and name objects made out of different materials including wood, plastic, glass, water and rock. We thought about the different objects we found and were able to distinguish between objects and the materials they are made from. Using our observational skills, we described and classified the physical properties of everyday materials and carried out a number of experiments to find out whether materials were magnetic, opaque or transparent and waterproof or absorbent. We also considered the suitability of different materials for various purposes and uses and explored how the shape of objects made from specific materials can change shape.

Using our knowledge of materials and their properties, we designed some new boots for Traction Man ready for his next mission. He gave us specific criteria to meet so we thought carefully about the materials we would use during the planning stage then made them on each other to test their suitability.




The children have been learning that life, especially family life, or life in school, is full of opportunities for self-giving. This term the children have been reflecting on what their parents, families and friends sacrifice for them. When children are young, parents have to do everything for them and sacrifice their own needs for those of their children. The quality of the parents’ loving care lays the foundation for their children to grow into people capable of giving love to others, a lot like God’s foundation. Self-giving is essential if individuals and relationships are to grow and develop.

During this unit, Year 1/2 have been recognising their own sacrifices in relation to those of Jesus. Lent is the season when we practice both giving and giving-up, to identify with the complete self-offering of Jesus which is remembered in the liturgy of Holy Week and the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil). In his Gospel, Matthew makes it clear that in loving and caring for other people we are loving and caring for Jesus.  The children have learnt that the forty days of Lent is an opportunity for Christians to turn away from what is bad and to seek ways to do good by prayer and by doing something extra to prepare for the celebrate of Jesus’ Resurrection at Easter. We have been able to talk about our own experience and feelings of using opportunities for good whilst we wonder about the good things that we see others doing.




At St Anthony’s we treat Computing as a core subject, so we have been extremely busy. Our first unit was a programming unit where our children were introduced to early programming concepts. The children were able to explore using individual commands, both with other learners and as part of a computer program. Year 1/2 identified what each floor robot command does and use that knowledge to start predicting the outcome of programs. This particular unit was planned to ensure essential time was spent on all aspects of programming and builds knowledge in a structured manner. The children were also introduced to the early stages of program design through the introduction of algorithms.

Another unit that we covered over Spring term was Data and Information – Grouping Data. This unit introduced the children to data and information. Labelling, grouping, and searching are important aspects of data and information. Searching is a common operation in many applications, and requires an understanding that to search data, it must have labels. This unit of work focused on assigning data (images) with different labels in order to demonstrate how computers are able to group and present data.



During our history lessons we recapped our previous learning about the term ‘significant’ and learnt about two significant figures in flight and space travel: Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong. We explored the life of both individuals, their achievements and the significance they have today. We thought about who we each believe to be more significant and gave reasons for our choices.



During our PE lessons we have been working on developing our fundamental movement skills during different games and gymnastics units. We have focussed on developing an accurate underarm throw, moving into a space and developing simple tactics during ball games, As well as this, we have worked on our ability to bounce a ball with control whilst moving and the skill of throwing accurately at a target.

During gymnastics, we have learnt different travelling actions including frog and bunny hop, bear crawl and caterpillar and have also learnt a number of rolling techniques such as egg roll and pencil roll. We have practised jumping and landing safely and used everything we had learnt to create and perform our own gymnastic routines.



We have continued to think about the special people in our lives who we love and trust and considered the importance of kindness, saying sorry and forgiveness within relationships and built on our learning from Autumn Term. We then moved on to think about ourselves as unique and individuals and how we are created by God out of love. We focussed on the Gospel story Matthew 19:13, when Jesus welcomed all the children to come to him and reflected on the scripture. Building on this, we talked about celebrating our similarities and differences, the things our bodies enable us to do and maintaining personal hygiene.



During our work on mechanisms, we explored different moving picture books and considered how they work and why they had been chosen. We then experimented with a range of levers, sliders and wheels by making different moving pictures. Finally, we designed and made our own moving picture to retell the moon landing.



In our Art lessons we have been looking at the work of the British artist Andy Goldsworthy. We have explored the natural materials he uses and how his creations enhance the natural environment where they are created. We have also both individually and in groups created artwork using natural materials in various forms from circles, swirls, spirals and meandering. Finally, we have created our very own egg sculpture from clay which was painted with a scenic theme that we designed.



In our music lessons we have been listening to ‘Mars’ by Gustav Holst. Through this, we have explored spikey and smooth, learnt a new song, sang it in different styles, and played a variety of musical instruments in simple patterns.


Forest School

This term, Y1/2T have enjoyed some time outside at Forest School. The children in Year 2 who took part have loved taking their learning outdoors and getting messy learning life skills. Here are some of the highlights!


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