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Year 1/2

A Day Back in Time to 1666

We met Daisy, a maid from 1666, who knew how to time travel and she invited us all to return to 1666 with her.
We bumped into Samuel Pepys, explored the streets of London and discussed why the fire spread so quickly.
We then helped Daisy and Samuel with putting the Great Fire out by 
creating a ‘fire chain’.
After that, we discovered our teacher had caught the plague and the plague doctor tried to cure her with a frog, chicken fat, nice smells and a unicorn horn.
However, none of the cures appeared to work. 
We finished off our day with a quick visit to the market where we dressed up in clothes from 1666 and performed a tradition dance.
Whilst we were there, we were able to show off all of our learning during a quick quiz about The Great Fire of London. 

Our Learning so far during Autumn Term in Year 1/2

We have had a lovely first few weeks in Year 1/2 and have enjoyed learning about each other through a variety of learning opportunities.


In our English lessons we have been reading ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’ by Kate Cunningham. This story tells the events of the fire through the eyes of a flea, Vlad, and his best friend (and home), Boxton.

We have studied the text in detail and answered comprehension questions to show our understanding as well as completing a number of short writing tasks including letters and descriptions.

During phonics lessons we are continuing to learn new graphemes using our phonics scheme, Essential Letters and Sounds. We try our best to include all the sounds we have learnt in our independent writing and reading as well as mastering the ‘harder to read and spell’ words.

Our guided reading sessions are structured and well planned to cater for every child in the class, regardless of their abilities. During guided reading, children take part in a number of activities such as guided reading in small groups, comprehension style activities and reading books, passages and captions using the iPads and Oxford Reading Buddies.



In maths lessons we have been focusing on our knowledge of place value. Some children have focused on numbers to 20 whilst other children have been focusing on numbers to 100. We have shown how different numbers can be represented using different mathematical equipment and have learnt about the tens and ones in given numbers. We then used our knowledge to order and compare objects and numbers using mathematical language, signs and symbols.

Throughout the rest of the term, we will continue to embed this knowledge and will begin to learn about addition and subtraction and learn different mathematical vocabulary whilst problem solving. We will also learn about the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.



In RE this term the children have been learning about Creation and Beginnings.

The children have learned the story of the Burning Bush (Exodus 3: 1-15), Firstly understanding the story and discussing how Moses felt and how we would feel if we had been Moses and God had appeared and spoke to us.

We also learned what God means when by holy ground, understanding that God is everywhere so everywhere is holy and the beauty of the earth. Celebrating the wonderful creations that God has given to us and we discussed how we can take care of those things and wrote prayers to thank God for them.

In beginnings we have been discussing our own beginnings like starting school or to a new class. We learned about the story of creation and understanding what God created on each of the days and why the seventh day is important too. The children also discussed how God created the world and all the wonderful things that live on earth. In our writing we wrote about our wonders, what we wonder about when we think of God and the story of creation.



In our computing lessons we have been thinking about technology in the world around us. We have considered how we use technology in our everyday lives and how it is used in our environment, for example, in schools, workplaces and shops. We have also been learning about online safety and the importance of being aware of how to stay safe when using technology.



We have learnt all about London during our history lessons and enjoyed comparing present London to how it looked in the past as well as sharing our own experiences of visiting the capital city of England. We also looked at other differences such as how the fire service has changed from 1666 to today including the equipment they use and the uniforms they wear, hygiene and cleanliness and houses and buildings.

We used timelines to learn about chronology and ordered the significant events of The Great Fire of London Whilst doing this, we learnt about the Plague, considered how and why the fire was able to spread so easily and how it might be different if it was to happen today. We then thought about how London was rebuilt after the fire and worked on our own designs for rebuilding the city.

‘Was The Great Fire of London a good thing?’

We will consider everything we learn about The Great Fire of London, the positives and negatives that came from it and draw our own conclusions to answer this question.



In PE lessons we have enjoyed using ‘Now Press Play’ and learning about The Great Fire of London. We have been practising our Fundamental Movement Skills including throwing, catching and rolling balls.

During the rest of Autumn term, we will think about the natural elements to choreograph and perform our own dance based on The Great Fire of London and continue to focus on our Fundamental Movement Skills.



In our STEM lessons we are beginning to learn about Harvest and how farmers use combine harvesters to harvest their crops. We will learn about the crops they grow and how they are turned into foods we enjoy to eat, take part in online STEM activities and live lessons and carry out a number of experiments.


Design and Technology

We have been learning about bread in our Design and Technology lessons. This food started The Great Fire of London in a small bakery owned by Thomas Farriner in Pudding Lane.

We have tasted different types of bread and ranked them in order from our favourites to the ones we disliked. Whilst learning about the process of making bread, we explored the different ingredients that go in to it and then made our own. We mixed all the ingredients together and kneaded the mixture before making it into small balls and baking in the oven to make our own bread rolls.


Home Learning Summer term year 1 2 2022



Useful Websites


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  Teach your monster to read






  Times Tables Rock Stars



  Code Spark


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  Oxford Owl



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