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St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School Science Curriculum

Science progression of knowledge overview


Our Vision

All children will become scientifically minded, their eyes opened to the wonders of science. They will journey on a path where they are constantly inspired by the world around them.


At St Anthony’s, our intent is to make science fun and engaging by providing children with the opportunity to question, investigate and draw conclusions. We want all children to become scientifically minded and enthused by the wonders of science, equipping learners with the tools and confidence to become scientists of the future. Our science curriculum provides a journey where children are constantly inspired by the world around them. Starting in EYFS with an introduction into understanding of the world progressing to exploration of scientific concepts in KS1 and in KS2 challenging ideas through scientific enquiry.



St Anthony’s core principles in the teaching and learning of science are:

· Be engaged and inspired to challenge ideas.

· Enhance scientific enquiry through questioning.

· Record practical investigations in a variety of ways.

· Work confidently and independently.

· Have good, appropriate resources to select from.



The curriculum design at St Antony’s promotes a joyful excitement about science.

Children observe and record learning in a variety of ways, reflecting a good understanding of working scientifically. Children learn that scientific skills and knowledge are not restricted to just one aspect of learning but can be applied across all areas of the science curriculum. Pupils’ learning is monitored, misconceptions are explored and at the end of each unit work is assessed to ensure that progress is made and to inform future planning.



Last year, we embarked on a journey to gain the Primary Science Quality Mark.

I’m pleased to announce that we were awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark which is a reflection of the hard work and commitment of all staff in the delivery of Science.

Click the link below to view a video about our journey.





In our school, we believe in the importance of science as one of the core subjects. As a whole school we have agreed what we believe to be our core principles in the teaching and learning of science.


These are:

Science overview