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Phonics at St Anthony’s

Phonics is taught using ‘Essential Letters and Sounds’ in order to support the children in decoding the letters and sounds enabling them to read. This scheme also introduces children to a wide and rich vocabulary. In the Early Years, children have whole class daily phonics sessions with opportunities to consolidate learning through planned continuous provision activities and in other areas of the Early Years curriculum. At Key Stage One, children have discrete phonics sessions in class. All our phonics lessons follow the same structure and include independent reading and writing tasks linked to the graphemes taught in each lesson; giving all children the opportunity to become confident readers.

Interventions are organised to help support children in becoming secure within a phase if required. These take place during phonics lessons and throughout the school day. Children are given daily opportunities to use and apply their phonic knowledge through a range of independent and adult-led tasks across the curriculum.

At Key Stage Two, phonic interventions are carefully and precisely planned to support children who do not have secure knowledge and understanding of phonics in order to read.

All key stages promote the use of phonics in order to support the children in decoding letters and sounds independently in order for them to become competent and confident literate readers.

Early Reading

Here are a couple of videos from Oxford Owl that give you advice on how to support your child at home with phonics and reading.

How to say the phonics sounds:




How to blend sounds to read words:


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