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Our intent:

At St Anthony’s we deliver a broad curriculum which is inclusive for all. We deliver Art through the EYFS National Framework and the National Curriculum. We make links through other curriculum subjects and make it relevant to our children at St Anthony’s.

Our aim is to develop creative and imaginative children. As well as teaching our children the artistic skills they need to create a range of art work using a variety of tools, medium and styles we will also give our children the opportunities to learn about the history of Art and Design, teach them about a variety of artists and show our children how to critically analyse their own work and that of their peers.



We use the National Curriculum as a basis for our curriculum planning in Art. We plan from a two year cycle with cross curriculum links to other subjects and links to personal relevance for our children. There is a progression of skills through our Art curriculum. There are seven areas of Art which the children will be taught over the 2 year cycle: Drawing, Digital Art, Painting, Printing, Textiles, 3D Art and Collage. The children will also be given the opportunity to evaluate their work.

In Art we use sketch books. The children are able to use these books to express their ideas, explore other artists work, experiment and practice the new skills they have learnt and also plan and modify ideas for their final pieces.

In Early Years Foundation Stage we use the EYFS National Framework to deliver Expressive Art and Design. We teach; Printing, Drawing, Painting, 3D Art, Collage and Digital art. We also have the opportunity to practise these skills in our continuous provision.



Our children will have an understanding of how Art and Design has shaped our history. They will have the confidence to draw, paint, sculpt, print and use digital platforms to create art work. They will have a good knowledge of a range of artists, architects and designers. The children will also have the confidence to experiment with art and create unique pieces of work which they can feel proud of. Their work will be displayed throughout the school and high value will be placed on the work they produce.

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