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At St. Anthony’s our intent for our Philosophy For Children (P4C) education is to ensure that a philosophical ethos is incorporated across the wider curriculum. That P4C isn’t taught as a stand-alone subject but is weaved throughout and taught to support the depth of learning and understanding in other curriculum subjects. We wish to support each child in developing their own voice and allowing them to use their voices to respectfully share and discuss topics with others. Our aim is to aid children in becoming independent and thoughtful young people, who are ready to meet the demands of the future. Ensuring they develop their communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity skills, through a range of philosophical activities, will allow for this to happen.


P4C sessions are integrated into a range of different lessons across our curriculum, children are aware of when they are taking part in a philosophy activity. Teachers ensure that a wide range of P4C activities throughout the year to allow them to develop the key philosophical skills. All activities are adapted to ensure that all pupils can access the tasks and take part in discussions whilst accessing new learning. Regular, informal assessments will be undertaken by the teacher or leader of the session, these observations will be collected as annotations on their planning.


Through our P4C curriculum, we hope that our children at St. Anthony’s will be able to use their voices to be able to take part in philosophical discussions, where they can contribute their own ideas clearly and listen to other people’s ideas respectfully. The P4C ethos will be incorporated across the curriculum and the whole of school life. The philosophical skills can be used throughout daily life and we wish for all children to remember them and apply them to their own lives and any situations they face. When our children complete their time at St. Anthony’s, they will be ready to continue their education at the next level, knowing how to be respectful to others during a conversation or disagreement, these skills will be crucial and drawn upon throughout their lives.