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Mrs R Ballard – Headteacher

Mr S Booth – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs G Czarnota – Teaching and Learning Manager for Key Stage 1 (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs V Berry – Teaching and Learning Manager for Year 3/4

Foundation Stage
Miss A Gee


Miss S Forbes



Key Stage 1
Mrs S Chamley/Mrs L Knight

1/2 S

Mr M Brine

1/2 T

Mrs S Eshborn

1/2 A


Key Stage 2
Miss H Davies

3/4 S

Mr N Johns

3/4 T

Mrs V Berry

3/4 A

Mr P Weir

5/6 S

Mrs K Jones

5/6 T

Mr S Booth & Mrs C Cafferkey




Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Boardman               Mrs A Penin-Gunson                Mrs J Richards


Pupil Mentor

Mrs S Knowles


Teaching Assistants


Mrs J Cairns Mrs J Kelly Mrs H McEntee
Mrs E Carter Miss D Leighton  Mrs K Martin
Mrs J Callagher Mrs C Livesey Mrs J Thornton
Mr G Holme Mrs J Lordon Mrs M Williams
Mrs D Ibbotson Mrs S McAteer


Office Staff

Mrs M Birch                         School Business Manager

Mrs D Shipsides                  Business Support Officer

Mrs H Hassall                      Admin Support


Welfare Assistants

Mrs J Campbell                               Mrs H Hassall                                   Mrs J Maguire

Mrs L Gornall                                 Miss R Howse                                  Mrs S Smith