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Design and Technology


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Design and Technology Overview

Design and Technology overview final


St Anthony’s DT Policy

Year 5/6 – Structures – Textiles

Year 3/4 – Structures – Strengthening and Reinforcing Bridges


Year 3/4 – Electrical Systems – Circuits

Year 1/2 Food Technology

EYFS – Pop up mechanisms

EYFS – Soup

EYFS – Textiles

Year 1/2 – Playgrounds

Year 1/2 – Levers and sliders

Year 1/2 – Food Technology

Year 3/4 – Food Technology at Our Lady’s Catholic High School

Year 3/4 linked up with Our Lady’s High School for our food technology unit to make their fruit salads. The children planned their recipe in school and used the amazing facilities at the high school for their end product. The children were very excited to work in the food department at Our Lady’s and we were fortunate to have a visit from the head teacher, Mr. Ranson, who discussed the project with the children and he was very impressed!

Message from Mr. Ranson following our visit:

‘What a pleasure is was calling in to see the children enthusiastically making their fresh fruit salads in our Food Technology Room this morning. I asked the children to give names to their wonderful creations and they responded very well. All of the children were working in a mature and sensible manner and were using the equipment very well indeed. I hope that they were able to enjoy the ‘fruits of their labour’ at lunchtime or later on.’

Very best wishes to everyone

Nigel Ranson – Headteacher

Our Lady’s Catholic High School


Year 3/4 – Levers and linkages

Year 5/6 – Computer Programming