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Forest Schools

At St Anthony’s we value being in the outdoors and how this can really support our learning and our well-being. We have developed an area that gives us the opportunity to engage with nature, use tools, risk take, undertake camp cooking, and very importantly break free from the four walls of the classroom. As teachers we can see how this benefits children who sometimes struggle within the classroom, giving them the space and freedom to be who they want to be. We are very focussed on the different types of play that can be the building blocks to life, as well as give us the life skills we need for the future, such as, resilience, risk taking, teamwork, turn taking and leadership.

We consider Forest School as an essential enrichment for our pupils.


Forest school handbook                 Forest School PP session


Forest School with Mrs Ballard


Forest School with Miss Quarmby

Forest School with Miss Clarke

Forest School with Miss Davies