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Early Years Foundation Stage

Hello and welcome to Reception’s page. We use this area to communicate and celebrate our learning with parents and families!

Our Spring Term Learning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Self-regulation, managing self and building relationships.

We have thinking about the things that we like and do not like, and understanding that everyone’s interests are different.

We have also been talking about who our trusted adults are, and who we can go to if we need to talk to someone.

This term we will be thinking about what kind of learners we are. We will be encouraging the children to identify this for themselves and talking to the children about trying new things, not giving up, practising new skills, and listening to the ideas of others.

Physical Development – Gross and fine motor skills.

We are supporting children to form letters correctly and hold their pencils correctly.

In PE we are continuing to consolidate the fundamental movement skills: hopping, throwing, catching, jumping and running. Our theme this term is rumble in the jungle. The children have been trying to move their bodies like the animals you would find in the jungle!

Communication and Language – Listening, attention and understanding and speaking.

This term we are continuing to practice our speaking and listening skills. We are learning how to talk and listen to our peers on the carpet whilst using partner talk.

We will also be starting chatterboxes. This will give an opportunity for the children to bring in some special items from home, which they can show to their peers. This will also help the children to develop their questioning skills, as they will be given the opportunity to ask their peers questions.


Literacy – Comprehension, word reading and writing.

We have been looking at the story ‘One Snowy Night’. We have created a story map and innovated the story by changing the animals.

We will be moving into looking at stories from other cultures; Handa’s Surprise, The Ugly Five and Mama Panya’s Pancakes. We will explore the different cultures within the stories and think about how they are different and similar to ours. We will explore the books through looking at vocabulary, creating story maps, innovating the stories and exploring the characters emotions.


In writing, we are encouraging the children to use their phonics knowledge to segment words and write the sounds to make simple captions and sentences. We are also encouraging the children to form their letters correctly, write on the line, and use finger spaces. We have been talking about capital letter and full stops when writing a sentence.


Mathematics – Number and numerical patterns.

In Maths, we have been learning about 1 more and 1 less. We have used lots of practical equipment to explore these concepts. We enjoyed singing ‘Five Current Buns’. The children role played taking a bun and paying a penny for it.

We have also been looking at squares and rectangles. We have been learning the names of the shapes and thinking about their properties; the number of sides, corners, and length of sides.

Our next topic is Alive in 5. Within this topic we will be looking at zero, comparing number 5, looking at the composition of 4 and 5. We will also be comparing mass and capacity.


Expressive Art and Design – Creating with materials and being imaginative and expressive.

In Art, the children have been looking at the work of Kandinsky. They have been learning how to mix colours and exploring cold and warm colours. They are creating their own Kandinsky inspired piece of artwork, by creating warm and cold tones and painting circles.

Understanding of the World – Past and present, people, culture and communities and the natural world.

In Understanding of the World, we have been finding out about the season of winter. We have been outdoors in the ice and snow, and looked for the signs of winter. We have also been looking at the animals that hibernate in the UK over winter.

Our next topic will be ‘All Around the World’. We will be looking at different countries from around the world and comparing them to ours. We will also be learning about the cultures we have within our own classroom. We are hoping to have an ‘Around the World’ party at the end of the topic to try different food and play games from other cultures.


In RE, we will be looking at some of the bible stories which show how Jesus helped others. We have been reading the story when Jesus blessed the children. We have created artwork and the children have thought about how it makes them feel that Jesus thought the children were so special and important.

We will also be thinking about how Jesus loves everyone, and how we should show love to everyone as well. We will be thinking of ways we can help others in our local and global communities.


Our Curriculum

Yearly Curriculum Overview 22 23

Early Reading

Here are a couple of videos from Oxford Owl that give you advice on how to support your child at home with phonics and reading.

How to say the phonics sounds:



How to blend sounds to read words:



Our EYFS Curriculum:

Yearly Curriculum Overview 2021


Here is a link to the new Development Matters, which we use to aid our planning and assessment in the EYFS.




Here are some useful links to be looking at:-

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EYFS_Parents_Guide-amended.pdf (foundationyears.org.uk)


Guided tour of the EYFS area


Story time with Miss Forbes and Mrs Carlton.



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