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Early Years Foundation Stage

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Self-regulation, managing self and building relationships

We have been spending time getting to know each other and making friends. We have been learning how to play, share and communicate with our peers and adults. We have had lots of time in our key person groups talking about our feelings and how we can get help if we are worried or sad.


Physical Development – Gross and fine motor skills

We have been encouraging the children to make marks in different ways. Including pencil, chalk and paint. We have been practicing making shapes and patterns in order to practise our fine motor skills.

In PE we have been learning the fundamental movements: hopping, throwing, catching, jumping and running.

Communication and Language – Listening, attention and understanding and speaking

We have been learning how to sit on the carpet and listen to the teacher. We have also been practising answering questions about stories we have heard and talk about what has happened. We have been encouraging the children to join in with class discussions.

Literacy – Comprehension, word reading and writing

We have been reading the book My Friends and Me. We have listened to the story and talked about how all our friends are different. We have been looking at similarities and differences between our friends.

We have also been practising writing our names and drawing maps of our route to school. We have been attempting to write the initial sounds we have learnt, on our maps.

Mathematics – Number and Numerical patterns

In maths we have been learning about matching and sorting. We have been learning how to match two objects together and how to sort objects by colour, size and shape. We have done this using lots of practical objects. We have also introduced the number of the week. Each week we will introduce a new number and explore it in different ways.

Expressive Art and Design – Creating with materials and Being imaginative and expressive

As part of our topic ‘All About Me’ we have created self-portraits in different ways. Some children have chosen to use a variety of natural objects such as pine cones, shell and pebbles, pasta and buttons. Other children have chosen to draw their portrait outside with chalks. The children have then taken a photograph of their portraits to be used in a display.

Understanding of the World – Past and present, People, culture and communities and The Natural World

In Understanding of the World we discussed the passing of our Queen. We have talked about how important she was to our country and how we now have a new King.

For Black History month we have been looking at the story Coming to England. This is about a little girl who moved to England and the journey she went on. We have discussed the difficulties she faced moving to a new country.

As part of our topic ‘All About Me’ we have been looking at our families. We have talked about how we all have different families and that it is ok that everyone’s family looks different.

We will also be looking at the season of Autumn. We will go on Autumn walks and explore different objects such as pumpkins, crispy leaves, acorns and conkers. We will talk about how the seasons change and the signs of Autumn we can see.


In RE we are learning about God’s world. We are thinking about how God loves and cares for us. We have also listened to the creation story and thought about the things that God created for us. We will also be discussing how God cares for our world and how we can care for it too.

We will discuss how God made each and every one of us and how he made us all different and special.




Early Reading

Here are a couple of videos from Oxford Owl that give you advice on how to support your child at home with phonics and reading.

How to say the phonics sounds:



How to blend sounds to read words:



Our EYFS Curriculum:

Yearly Curriculum Overview 2021


Here is a link to the new Development Matters, which we use to aid are planning and assessment in the EYFS.




Here are some useful links to be looking at:-

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EYFS_Parents_Guide-amended.pdf (foundationyears.org.uk)


Guided tour of the EYFS area


Story time with Miss Forbes and Mrs Carlton.



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